Why Rent A Car In Penang?

Visitors to Penang in Malaysia are guaranteed to experience an opportunity to experience local culture in a place that is a microcosm of wider Malaysia. Here there are historical attractions that will tell of a country that has been at the epicenter of trade in the Southeast Asian region. The main tourist attraction of Penang is without doubt the food – and street food in particular which can be found being offered by vendors on the main street in abundance. However it is a destination that will reward exploration – and to get the most out of your time in Penang it is highly recommended that you hire a car.

Car rental penang is a fairly simple business. The documentation is also straightforward. you will require a drivers license from the European Union, the United States, or an Asian country. In addition a passport and a valid credit card are required.There are also numerous options when it comes to which company that you want to hire a car from. There are the usual international brands that are present at the Georgetown airport such as Hertz and Avis, however for those who might want to walk on the wild side there is always the option of taking a taxi is not Georgetown and then walking the main street in search of a bargain. Of course the quality of the vehicle will not always be the same as that we is expected from an international leasing agency – however the savings might be substantial – if one is prepared to sacrifice a bit of comfort and the modernity of the vehicle.

However given the sites that you will be targeting the absolute sky high level of comfort may not be required. The miles that you travel and your exact selections will determine just how much luxury you need. If you are intending just to see the sights around Georgetown then you could save the money to spend at one of the excellent seafood restaurants that can be found up and down the coast of Penang.

Once you have your hire car there are several options for those who want to explore. On the bucket list of things to experience in Penang are the magnificent beaches at Tanjung Bungah or the top of Penang Hill. Alternatively you could visit the Snake Temple and get up close and personal with both venomous and non venomous species – as well as find out the special place that the snake has in Malaysian culture. After that a dish of Crab Curry might be just what you need to really get under the skin of this UNESCO heritage city.

After dipping your toes into what makes Penang such a special place to visit it might very well be time to return to the high street of Georgetown and leave your hire car back at the place where you picked it up. One thing is for certain – it is that your exploration of Penang will make you richer for the experience. For more information, you can visit the i1rentcar fb page.

How To Find A Folding Door Supplier In Singapore

If your space doesn’t allow for a full door, you may want to choose a folding one. Most people use these doors for their toilets and bathrooms, in order to save some space without compromising on their comfort. Folding doors are very popular in Singapore, so you’ll surely find lots of contractors. However, there will be differences among them, so you’ll need to do some research in order to pick the best of them. Let’s see how you can do this with ease and without spending a lot of time on it.

A basic Google search will reveal the websites of dozens of folding door and bifold door supplier. In addition, you’ll also get a lost of local businesses and their locations on the map. Google offers this feature to users who search for local services in order to help them find a contractor is their close neighborhood. Living in a busy city means that you should always seek for local services within your area of residence. Like this, you’ll avoid extra fees and delays caused by traffic jams or long commutes. By checking out the businesses on this map, you might find a few reliable options to choose from. The best thing about business pages is that they offer these companies an excellent canvas to showcase their best services and their portfolio of projects. In addition, you’ll find complete contact details, information on the area they cover and on their opening hours, as well as some client ratings and reviews.

Before choosing your supplier, you may want to check whether they have the type of folding door singapore you want. Furthermore, you should ensure that they can install the door for you. If needed, they should also remove your old door. It’s usually best to start this type of research by putting together a list of requirements and specifications. Like this, you’ll know exactly what to tell those suppliers in order for them to prepare a custom quote on your project. If you only need to purchase a folding door, you may skip all these details and go straight for the model of door you like. While you are at it, keep in mind that these manufacturers and sellers of folding door may not showcase their full inventory on their websites. Sometimes, you may have to contact them to ask for a complete list of door models to choose from.

These tips should help you find the door you want and have it installed where and when you want it, by an experience team of workers. If time allows, make sure that you check out offers from multiple suppliers. This is a reliable method to find the best quality doors at affordable prices. In addition, check out the warranty and other additional services offered by various suppliers. Sometimes, going for the lowest price isn’t the smartest option, as other factors may weigh more than saving a few dollars on your door. The decision is yours, but you should know that very cheap doors are also the least durable.

Adding A False Ceiling To Your Home

High ceilings can look impressive, but they aren’t going to be an appropriate option for every homeowner. If you want to lower your ceilings, extensive renovations aren’t the only option that you have. You can also look into adding a false ceiling to your home.

Putting In An Artificial Ceiling Can Be Affordable

If the actual height of your ceiling is changed, you can expect to spend a lot of money. In contrast, an artificial ceiling shouldn’t cost you much at all. There are a lot of low-cost options that you’ll be able to explore.

This is a fantastic choice for homeowners that are looking to do renovation work on a budget. If you want to make upgrades, but are concerned about what you’ll be spending, you should see if adding a ceiling like this would make financial sense for you.

You Can Really Customize Your Home

In many cases, a false ceiling can do more than lower the height of the ceiling in a home. These ceilings can also be decorative in nature. This means that they can do a lot to enhance the look and feel of a room. Adding the right kind of ceiling can help you make a home feel like your own.

When you live in a house that you haven’t customized, the room might not feel like yours. If you make small and subtle changes to a property, you’ll be able to give it the feeling of a place that is uniquely yours.

There Are Plenty Of Different Options

When you put in a new ceiling, you’ll have a lot of choices to go through. Not all of the false ceilings you see in a home are identical. You should be able to find some choices that are right in line with what you want and expect.

When you have a range of options, you’ll be able to make sure you’re selecting something that stands out to you. No one wants to be too constrained by a lack of options. Luckily, this won’t be an issue if you decide that your home needs another ceiling.

The Right Ceiling Could Increase The Value Of Your Home

Whenever you make upgrades to a home, you could wind up earning back a lot of the money that you spend. If the upgrades you’re making increase the value of your property, then you’ll be able to see a return on your initial investment.

If you’re concerned about spending money on upgrades, it’s a good idea to look at how those upgrades could pay off for you. If you do the math, you may actually discover that making some upgrades is a sound financial decision.

If you learn more about adding a false ceiling to your home you’ll be able to see if this is a decision that you want to make. No matter how you decide to proceed, you’ll be glad that you gathered some more information about your options. You can ensure that you’re happy with the height of the ceilings where you live. For more information, you can visit this Facebook page.

Do You Need An Emergency Locksmith Service In Singapore?

Whether you live in Singapore or are spending some vacation time in this beautiful part of the world, at times situation arise which require the services of an expert. One of the situations may involve the need of an emergency locksmith in Singapore. If you find yourself in such circumstances what can you do to ensure that you get the help you need as soon as possible? We hope that the tips below will come in useful.

Ask Around For Recommendations

Emergency locksmiths carry out numerous tasks and there is every chance that people you know have had to use the services of such a lock expert in Singapore at one time or another. Hence a great way to find an emergency locksmith in Singapore is to ask around for recommendations. You could start with the people you live close to, your relatives, friends and so forth. You may be surprised at how quickly you can get yourself some recommendations of experts who know exactly what they are doing.

Do A Quick Search Online

These days it seems like we can find pretty much everything online. Indeed, our online world is flooded with services and experts who are keen to advertise what they do best. When you are looking for an emergency locksmith in the area it can actually be as simple as opening up a search page on your phone or tablet and searching for a nearby locksmith.

Of course, you should always be cautious when following up a lead that you find online. Not all people who advertise themselves as emergency locksmiths will offer one and the same service, in fact, the level of quality that you may receive from one choice could vary rather significantly from that of another. Hence it is a good idea to do a little research on the choices that have come up from your search. How can you carry out such research?

It doesn’t need to be too difficult a task to find reviews from people who have used a particular service which you are considering. Again, the online world can come to your rescue here. A quick search of the name of a locksmith who you are thinking about as an option will often result in you being able to enter review sites or forums where people happily discuss the experience they personally had with the particular service. This should help you to decide whether they would indeed be a good choice for your needs.

So, if you are on the lookout for an emergency locksmith in Singapore we know that you may be feeling rather overwhelmed at the task that lies ahead of you. Remember, it certainly does not need to be a mission impossible. By asking around for recommendations, as well as carrying out an online search for options you should be well on your way to making a good choice. You put yourself in a position to choose an emergency locksmith who can really deliver on what you need to be done.

Hiring An Aircon Service Company In Singapore: What You Should Know

Whether you’re a business or property owner or tenant in Singapore, you might need to use the services of an aircon service. There are many reasons to hire a professional company and there are many benefits of hiring one. If you want to find out what they are, as well as other useful info, then continue to read on.

When To Hire A Professional
There are many reasons to hire a professional, such as you need normal servicing for your aircon. Inspections and regular maintenance can keep your system running properly. Other reasons to contact an expert includes needing parts replaced, or having your system troubleshooted or if you need chemical servicing.

Maybe you need a brand new aircon system because your current one has completely failed. Maybe you need a new one because you don’t currently own an aircon system. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, all you have to do is contact an aircon service and tell them what you need.

Benefits Of Hiring An Aircon Service Company
The main benefit is you’ll ensure your aircon system remains working. A professional aircon service company in Singapore will work on your system and fix whatever is wrong with it, all within a short period of time. You can count on them getting the job done right, the first time around.

Another benefit is many companies such as Coolbest offer emergency services. If you’re experiencing an emergency with your aircon system, then hire a company that provides emergency services. They will respond quickly and take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Choosing A Good Company
First, find a company that offers the aircon services you need now and might need in the future, such as emergency services. Not all aircon companies offer the same services. Also, choose a company that is known for their response time because you don’t want to have to wait for weeks on end just to have your aircon system serviced or fixed or installed.

What are reviews saying about the aircon services you’re looking up? Generally speaking, you want to choose a company that has more positive than negative review written about them. Look at a few review websites, as well as the sites of the companies you’re researching, as many of them will have pages that have testimonials.

Requesting A Quote
When you find a few aircon service companies in Singapore, then request a quote from each one and find out what’s exactly included in their price. Is a warranty included or extras such as they will return to check on their work within the next week or two? Find out exactly what’s part of the quote before you decide on which aircon service to use.

Remember, not all aircon services in Singapore are created equal, therefore you want to keep the previously discussed tips in mind. Now you know when to hire a professional and the benefits of doing so. Feel free to refer back to this article when the time comes to hire the best aircon servicing singapore.

Hiring A 24-Hour Locksmith In Singapore

Have you been locked out of your car, house, safe, etc. and not sure what to do next? Call an emergency locksmith immediately for fast unlocking among other locksmith services. Finding an emergency locksmith in Singapore is relatively easy. You can either check the yellow pages, ask a friend or simply look them up online. Whatever time of the day it is, you should be able to find a 24 hour locksmith singapore. Trusting your car or house with a stranger, in the name of getting the door unlocked, can, however, be an issue for many people.  This is why you shouldn’t hire anyone you find but rather look into their qualifications and certifications for safety assurance. Some of the key things to look out for when looking for a locksmith are outlined below.

1. Licensing and Relevant Certifications All locksmiths in Singapore are required by law to have all the legal documents and certificates confirming the same to be able to operate within the country. Checking to ensure the locksmith is not only certified but accredited by a relevant body can help deter con-artists and quacks. If hiring through a company, check to see if they have been licensed and whether they vet their employees before allowing them in the field.

2. Reputation Trusting a stranger with your car or house is one of the toughest things anyone can do. Maintaining a good reputation (for some locksmiths) can be a rather tough task. Nevertheless, some of the best locksmith companies in Singapore have been around for years and still, have a solid reputation. Check customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to ascertain a locksmith’s reputation and trustworthiness. Check the company’s portfolio for any red flags before contacting them.

3. Experience Experience matters a lot, especially when handling expensive equipment and assets. You don’t want to hire someone who will mess up the locks and everything else in the car/house in the name of trying to unlock. Look for an expert who understands what he/she is doing, and someone with the right tools for the job. Some of the best locksmiths have several years on their sleeve and are also abreast with the latest security protocols and safety systems.

4. Proper Understanding Of The Latest Security Systems Most vehicles come fitted with the latest security systems. Keyless entry systems are some of the sophisticated systems that come installed in modern cars.  A good locksmith should be able to handle such advanced security systems with ease without causing any damage. Some of the best locksmiths in Singapore however understand these systems all too well and are well equipped for the same.

5. Response Time The locksmith’s ability to respond in record time is another factor to consider before placing the call. Reading through the latest customer reviews and testimonials should help you with that. It would also be advisable to look for an emergency locksmith within the area you are in. This reduces the travel distance the locksmith has to drive to get to your location. It will also be soft on your pockets as well.

These are some of the critical factors to consider when looking for an emergency locksmith in Singapore. Be sure to discuss the cost of service before signing the agreement.

Finding the Best Plumbing Services in Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to find a reliable plumber. Of course, homeowners are often very capable of home repair, but repairing plumbing oftentimes requires the use of specialized tools that are either not available to the regular consumer or are too expensive for a normal person to purchase. With that in mind, compiled here is a list of some of the most popular plumbers that are available for hire in Singapore. Some offer sanitary plumbing, which includes anything related sanitary discharge piping. Others offer water service plumbing, which includes the repair, installation, or replacement of anything in the water supply system.

CC Plumbing Services

This company offers both water service and sanitary plumbing to their customers. Their customers are most happy with two qualities of the company. First, CC Plumbing Services provides twenty-four-hour services for their customers. After a customer books a request, they can expect a response from the company within about thirty minutes afterwards. Second, they are reliable and experienced. This is because the employees in the company have 20+ years of experience in the field of plumbing. They are a little on the expensive side however, so take that into account.

PS Plumber Singapore

Another licensed plumber, PS Plumber Singapore is another popular choice that, again, offers water service and sanitary plumbing. This company can be on the job in the day-or-nighttime, and services customers that are in mostly any area. As with the previous company, PS Plumber Singapore offers twenty-four-hour services. However, they also guarantee a thirty minute response time to emergencies. Finally, they offer a thirty-day warranty on any of the work that they do. This is perhaps the most valuable of their offerings, as it saves you from any potentially shoddy work that can sometimes slip through. PS Plumber Singapore is slightly less expensive than CC Plumbing Services.

SG Plumber

This company has ten years of experience in plumbing, which makes them another solid choice. They have water service and sanitary plumbing. According to their customers, SG Plumber has very good service compared to other plumbing companies that are in the area. Part of that is their habit of answering the phone anytime on any day of the week. In addition, SG Plumber offers a twenty-four-hour emergency service to their customers as well. In regards to cost, SG Plumber is about the same as PS Plumber Singapore.

HW Singapore Plumbing

Like CC Plumbing Services, this company has 20+ years of experience in the field of plumbing. They have a number of loyal customers who are willing to advocate for them. As with the others, this company offers twenty-four-hour services and a thirty-minute response time if need be. Like PS Plumber Singapore, HW Singapore Plumbing offers a thirty-day warranty on their work, another helpful perk. Finally, what sets them apart from the others is their twenty-four-hour phone line that allows you to speak with one of their plumbers. This means that they could give you advice on a problem that you are having.

That’s a Wrap

If you are not interested in any of the plumber singapore on this list and would like to look for another, make sure that they are certified by the Public Utilities Board, or PUB such as groff plumbing. This ensure that they have the backing of the government, and they should be safe to hire. If they are not certified, do not hire them! Hiring them would count as an offence. Happy hunting!

The Common Locksmith Services For Homeowners

It is very common for homeowners to seek out locksmiths for various reasons. There are actually some common locksmith services that homeowners will make use of. It is important to note what these services are so that you know who to call if you need to use them.

Lockout Services

One of the most commonly used locksmith services is the lockout service. A lot of people find themselves in the situation where they are locked out of their home. This could happen when you forget your keys or you have misplaced your keys and have no other way of getting into your home.

In these situations, the best option will be to contact a locksmith singapore. They will be able to open the lock for you and it will be cheaper than other options. If you have lost your home keys, you can have the locksmith change the locks for you to ensure that your home is secure.

Replacement Of Keys

Another commonly used locksmith service is the replacement of keys. Keys can become damaged or they can be misplaced. There are also times when you simply need a new set of keys made for a member of your family.

This is something that a locksmith will be able to help with. Of course, if your keys have been misplaced it is recommended that you change the exterior locks in your home for safety reasons. If you simply need new keys for a member of your family, a locksmith can easily provide this and will be able to cut new keys from the ones that you have.

Lock Installation

When you buy a new home or if your keys have been misplaced, you need to replace the locks. This is something that should be done by a professional locksmith because you will be able to rely on the fixture in these cases. Additionally, there are some insurance policies which require your locks to be installed by a professional and you need to be aware of this.

It is also recommended that you hire a locksmith to ensure that the new locks meet building regulations. Having the locks installed by a locksmith will also reduce the chances of damage to the door or handle. The locksmith will also be able to advise on which locks will be best for your home.

Safe Installation

There are a lot of homeowners who think about having a safe installed. This is a great way to keep your valuables safe and the safe cannot be removed if your home is broken in to. This installation will be much faster than doing it yourself and will generally be to a higher quality.

Locksmiths will also be able to order the right safe for your needs. They will also be able to tell you whether or not the safe you want will work within your home. Wall safes may not be ideal in all homes and floor safes could also cause problems which your locksmith will be able to tell you about.


4 Advantages Of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Air conditioning systems are some of the must-have appliances in the house/office. These systems help keep your home fresh and comfortable and especially in hot weather. While investing in a good aircon system is recommended, you still need to ensure it is serviced and maintained well. It is in doing this that the air conditioner can function optimally and even last much longer. Like any other appliance, these systems too need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, grime, and anything else that may affect its performance. If looking for a way to keep your aircon clean, you then should consider aircon chemical wash. This cleaning method is non-intrusive and gets rid of dirt and any vectors in the system. Discussed below are some of the advantages of aircon chemical cleaning.

1. Improves Its Efficiency
One of the main benefits of having your aircon system cleaned regularly is the fact that it improves its efficiency. With the components clean, you are guaranteed optimal performance without the system using up too much energy. Chemical cleaning helps by removing contaminants and dirt that builds up in fan blades and other parts. Thanks to the improved efficiency, your energy bills are significantly reduced.

2. Prevents Mold Growth
Mold and mildew growth are common aircon issues. Mold, dirt, and dust build up over time causing accumulation of moisture in the process. In addition to affecting the system’s performance and efficiency, mold and mildew growth contaminates the circulating air. Mold is particularly dangerous for your health and affects your respiratory system. Chemical cleaning however helps get rid of these microbes and other dirt effectively. Some of the compounds used in chemical cleaning help kill mold and any other bacteria within the system. This not only improves indoor air quality but also enables the electrical system to perform optimally.

3. Improved Air Quality
The air conditioner works by pumping cool air into the space, thus making the room cool and comfortable. If mold, mildew, and dust already infest the air conditioner and the ducts, then chances are the air pumped into the house is contaminated as well. Chemical cleaning however gets rid of the dirt and mold efficiently hence reducing chances of pumping contaminated air into the house. The other good thing with having your air conditioner chemically cleaned is that it helps remove/stop the circulation of bad odors in the house. Some of these odors may be due to mold and bacteria accumulation in the ducts and delivery systems.

4. Increases The Equipment’s Lifespan
Left unattended, the air conditioner may start producing strange noises or blowing out hot air. Chemical cleaning however helps get rid of any dirt or grime that builds up in the parts causing some of them to fail. Chemical cleaning also facilitates proper cleaning and unclogging of air filters, meaning the fans and cooling system doesn%u2019t have to work hard to keep your house cool. With every part clean and working to its optimal capacity, you can be assured of prolonged lifespan.

The best thing with having your air conditioner serviced and well maintained is that it gives the equipment a longer lifespan, keeps your home comfortable, and alleviates the risk of allergens in the house. While you may be tempted to do it yourself, it would be best if you hired a professional to do it for you.

Do You Need To Hire A 24 Hour Plumber In Singapore?

Many homeowners have heard the age old advice about shutting off the water main during a plumbing emergency. Yet even if you have heard that advice, are you aware of how to shut off the water? Where is the water main located? Where are the individual shut-off valves inside your home? When you have a plumbing emergency, you have to be prepared to take action. That also requires that you know which 24 hour plumber Singapore you plan to hire to make the repairs.

It was already mentioned that you need to know how to get the water shut off. That will help you immensely during a plumbing emergency. In fact, since you will know the number for a 24 hour plumber in Singapore, shutting off the water might be all that you have to do. Regardless, there are some other tips that can help you out, too.

For example, the following supplies can come in handy as well when you are trying to tackle plumbing emergencies in your home. Plumbers tape is one of those supplies, and you might need a bucket, too. It also helps to keep some spare towels and rags handy. You don’t want to be using your good towels to clean up water in the event of a plumbing emergency.

It’s also a good idea if you know certain tips for preventing plumbing emergencies, too. You certainly want to avoid those types of situations if you’re able, that’s for sure. Then there are times when plumbing emergencies are little jobs that homeowners might be able to take care of themselves. How is that?

Well some homeowners would call a toilet that runs constantly a plumbing emergency. You certainly don’t want it running all night long to the tune of costing you extra money on your water bill. You could turn it off until a plumber is able to come out during regular hours, but you might not want to do that if it’s your only toilet.

At the same time, there are little things you can do to troubleshoot the situation. If you hire an emergency plumber, you’re going to pay extra money. Keep that in mind. There are times when you shouldn’t mind hiring an emergency plumber at all, and then there are those situations where you might be able to handle the problem yourself.

What you don’t want to do is to do anything that isn’t considered safe. In the situation where you have a running toilet, there are rather simple troubleshooting steps that you can try yourself before you hire an emergency plumber from sg1 plumber. If you try everything you can, and nothing is working, then it’s time to hire that 24 hour emergency plumber.

Sometimes it is the best possible solution. You will certainly feel good about getting the work done. Just remember to save that plumber’s number so that you can call him or her the next time that there is a problem. You want to keep all plumbing fixtures and systems in tip top shape.

Mistakes To Avoid With An Air Con Chemical Wash


Your air conditioner is one of the important parts of your home and you need to ensure that it is maintained and clean. Regular cleaning will ensure that the unit works correctly and that the air in your home is clean. A lot of people turn to  air-con chemical cleaning, but there are a lot of mistakes you could be making with this. It is important to know what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Choosing The Wrong Chemical Wash

The most common mistake that people make is choosing the wrong chemical wash for their air conditioner. There are a lot of different products on the market that you can choose, but you need to take the time to research them. You should consider the strength of the chemical wash and find out when it is commonly used. There are some products which have been created for commercial use and they will not be right for your home.

You should also look at how you will need to use the chemical wash. You do not want to choose a product that is hard to use or requires a lot of additional equipment. You should choose one that you can easily use at home and that has good reviews.

Turn The Unit Off Before Cleaning

While it might seem like common sense to turn the unit off before you start cleaning it, this is something that many people forget about. If you do not turn the unit off, you will run into a lot of problems which can be very expensive to fix. You should ensure that the unit stays off for the duration of the chemical wash and only turn it back on when the unit is completely dry.

After turning the unit off and before you start the chemical wash, you will have to remove certain parts. The exact parts which need to be removed will vary depending on the unit that you have. It is important that you look at the manual for your unit to determine what you need to do.

Rinse The Unit With Water

A lot of people assume that once you have completed the chemical wash, you simply have to wait for everything to dry. This is a mistake and you need to rinse the unit with water after the chemical wash. This will remove the chemical residue from the unit as well as any debris and dirt.

If you leave the residue and debris or dirt, you will run into problems later. The chemicals from the wash should start to degrade the unit over time and this will shorten the lifespan of the unit. The chemical residue could also enter the air in your home and cause irritation which is something that you will want to avoid.

Follow The Instructions

When you buy chemical wash products, they will come with instructions on how to use them. It is vital that you follow these instructions to the letter. If you do not, you could damage your air conditioner more than you help it.

If the instructions are vague or convoluted, you might want to consider a different product. This is why you have to look at ease of use before you purchase the chemical wash. Reviews of the product will generally provide you with this information.

There are a lot of mistakes that you could make when you complete an air con chemical wash. It is important that you avoid these mistakes as they can damage your air conditioner and cause problems with the air quality in your home. If you are unsure about the chemical wash, you should look at hiring a professional to complete this for you.


Looking for the best air conditioning company in Singapore

The demand

One of the most in-demand home appliances in Singapore is the Air Condition unit.  It is an essential part of almost every Singaporean household, not only because of its capability to bring the much-needed comfort and relaxation to the occupants, after a whole day of work.  It also is a necessity for businesses, for their offices.  This will create a good working environment for its employees, thus increasing productivity.

The requirement

Maintenance is a requirement to be able to prolong the efficiency of your AC unit and to be able to maintain it properly. You need to have the best aircon servicing companies to work with. You can avail of an excellent package with them, which may include supplying you with the units and maintaining it as well.  As there are hundreds of them in Singapore, offering almost the same packages, the task of choosing the best among them is more laborious.  But, if properly guided, you may able to find one.

The guidelines

Choosing the best AC service company will depend on your instinct.  Here are few instructions to achieve the tasks with the help of Billy Aircon Servicing.

    1. Referrals are always the best source of information.  Ask your friends and neighbors for any company they can refer you.  They may have tried the services of one good company before.
    2. Check the internet for any list of AC service companies that will serve you best.  Make a short list according to your preference.
    3. Initiate contact with them and ask questions about their licenses or certification from regulating bodies.  Make sure that their staffs are fully equipped with the skills and the tools.
    4. Know the services they offered and if it fits your requirements.  Or show them what you need and see if they can come up with a package, tailor-made to your needs.
    5. Examine their terms and check, if they have the capability and financial capacity to render such services.
    6. Make sure that the contract will be beneficial to both parties.

The risk

Looking for an AC service company has its chance too.  Dealing with a poorly equipped and poorly staffed service company will result to even more damage to your AC.

  1. Wrong diagnoses may result to more serious problems. You may buy unnecessary parts in the process.
  2. The less skilled technician may not be able to determine the cause of the problem accurately.
  3. The poorly equipped company may not have the specific tools for the repair.  This will damage any parts of the unit.
  4. A poorly equipped company may not be able to complete work as specified in the contract.  They may not have the insurance that will enable them to replace, any damages that they may have a cause.

Choosing the company to trust your investment is more comforting thought than done.  It comes with its risk factors.  But, carefully following the basics mentioned above and following your instinct, you may succeed in achieving this task. It does pay off, being careful in dealing with AC service companies in Singapore…


Tips for Choosing the Best Moving Company in Singapore

As much as moving out can sound exciting, there are few drawbacks and it always start with moving all your things from one place to another? Thankfully, a lot of moving companies in Singapore are established. Now, all you need to do is choose the right one that can give you the services that you needed. Here are the following things you should be looking for in your potential candidate.

  1.     The company uses a moving inventory

One of the signs of a moving company’s professionalism is when they ask for a moving inventory before getting started. in that way, they will be able to determine the weight of the load before they start moving it out. The estimator will most likely to examine all your drawers, bookcase, and other bulky furniture.

The price of the movers largely depends on the weight of the things you are planning to move out. So, if you have a lot of things, it seems reasonable for them to add a little of their usual price.

  1.    An appropriate walk-through

A professional estimator will most likely to have a thorough walk-through before they start moving your things out. In that way, they’ll be able to determine the things that you are planning to carry with you and the things that you’ll want to leave behind, the things that you wanted to donate to a charity, and the things that you wanted to give to the new tenant. It avoids confusion when loading up the truck of the furniture and things.

  1.    A reasonable amount of deposit

Most professional movers from Singapore do not ask for a large amount of a deposit. There are even some companies who will only require you to pay for the delivery. Aside from that, it’s not advisable to pay in advance because you lose the control of how things are going to be when they already have your money. As much as possible, use your credit card in paying them so that you can avoid scams or any fraudulent activities in the process.

  1.    References

In order to assure their quality of service, you must check with them in the American Moving and Storage Association or the State Associations of Movers. It is a proof that they are licensed, registered, and legal.

Ask for references. At least talk to three of their past customers and ask what to expect should you hire them to move your things. It’s also the best way to know if the company is involved in any unresolved complaints because it is considered as a warning sign if the company has gathered negative comments from their clients.

Make sure that these factors are present in the potential candidate that you are evaluating right now. It will give you peace of mind that you are working with legit and professional movers. Aside from that, it will help you to protect your belongings in the process of moving. If you can hire a professional moving company in Singapore, rest assured that your move out plan will go smoothly.

A Guide To The Best Local Food In Singapore

Singapore is a food lover’s paradise and this is because this country has a diverse mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian people which has resulted in some very delicious food! There are so many different types of street food that you can enjoy and in this article, we will be covering some of the more popular dishes and where you can find them.

The first street food we will look at is Hainanese chicken rice. This is considered Singapore’s national dish and in order to make it, chicken is blanched in boiling water and then ice cold water. After, it is sliced and placed in a dish. The rice is then cooked in the chicken fat, chicken stock, garlic, ginger and other spices. It is served with a chili sauce, ginger dip etc. You can get this delicious dish at Wee Nam Kee on Thompson Road, United Square. You can order a side of vegetables, shallots and other sides to go with this chicken and rice dish.

Next, another well loved dish is Char Kway Teow which is basically a noodle dish. In order to make it, flat rice noodles are stir fried in a wok with bean sprouts, blood cockles, soy sauce and Chinese sausage slices. This dish is sometimes topped with cubes of deep fried lard. You can get this dish at Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee which is located in the Hong Lim food centre.

Thirdly, we will look at Bak Chor Mee which are minced pork noodles. This is made by blanching egg noodles which are then tossed in a mixture of black vinegar, chili paste and oil. Then, it is served with pork balls, pork slices, minced pork and also crispy pork lard. Sometimes, it is served with pieces of umami dried sole fish. You can get this dish at Tai Wah Pork Noodle in the Hong Lim food centre as well.

A popular dish that is eaten for breakfast or even afternoon tea is Kaya Toast. It is made by toasting and slicing thin pieces of bread and slathering them with kaya. This is a jam made from sugar, egg and coconut. Then, the toast is served with half boiled eggs drizzled with a black sauce and served with coffee. There are many stalls that sell the kaya spread in a jar so you can take it home and make the dish yourself if you desire. You can sample this lovely dish at Tong Ah Eating House which is on Keong Saik road.

Next, we will look at Char Siew Fan and Siew Yoke Fan. You can find a variety of roasted meats at typical hawker stalls, especially barbecue pork (char siew) and roasted pork belly (siew yoke). However, the Char Siew Fan and Siew Yoke Fan is a combination of the two where the meat has a tender bite and a balanced amount of fat. This is typically ordered on its own or on a bed of rice. You can eat this delicious meal at Foong Kee Coffee Shop which is on Keong Saik road.

Lastly, if you want something lighter, then you should sample the Roti Prata. This is known as the Asian croissant and is an Indian flatbread. It is made to be flaky, crisp and buttery and you can eat it with various sides of fish, meat or even just vegetables. One of the best places to eat this in Singapore is at Mr. & Mrs. Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata at the Poh Ho Eatery.

In closing, we have just covered some of the best local foods in Singapore. So, be sure to sample all the dishes mentioned above to get a full experience of this country’s amazing cuisine.


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