The difference between Standard Air Conditioning Servicing and Chemical Overhaul

Many people are confused on the right thing to do with their air conditioning system. Without consulting the right people or the technicians, people would go wrong with their decision. They may end up, having their AC diagnose wrongly.

So having observed irregularities with your AC, consult your technician. He may suggest that your AC needs a standard servicing or it needs chemical overhaul. We would like to give you a little bit of both. What is the difference between standard servicing and chemical overhaul?

Here it is:

Standard AC Servicing- This is just the regular check up an AC, where it involves cleaning of the unit regularly. This done to ensure that your AC will function well as expected of it. Often times, the owner is advised to do this regularly, like every 3 months. But, for commercial AC,
It will more frequent, like every month. This should be done, to make the AC work more efficiently and to prolong the life span of the AC. This will also create savings in energy.
Here, drainage system, temperature, condenser, fans and every part of the AC. Those needing replacements are being replaced. This service is cheaper compared to the chemical overhaul. It is often considered a basic maintenance procedure.

Chemical Overhaul – On the other hand, chemical overhaul is done in more serious damage of your AC. This procedure requires a more skilled and experienced technician. This work includes removing the coil, disassembling and putting it back together. It is a very complex procedure. Chemical washing is done to clear up the unit of dirt and fungi that have been accumulated in it. This is also recommended when ice formation, water leaking and not cooling air is observed. The cost of chemical overhaul is much higher than standard servicing.

These are the basic differences of both services, commonly offered by AC service centers. Often times, maintenance of our AC is taken for granted. Some people are waiting for a more serious damage, before they will act.

Both services are good options, but, choosing which of those is depending on your AC’s condition. If, your air conditioning system only needs cleaning, or some small irregularities, standard servicing may just be the answer. It is cheaper, but your technician may advise you to have it done every 3 months. Bu, if the technician finds many critical parts seriously damage, he may suggest a chemical overhaul, and this will give him enough time to clean everything from outside to inside of the AC. This will require for a more experience technician and the cost will be very high. However, if that’s the only way to bring back your AC to its old performance level, then proceed with the chemical overhaul.

The life span of our things depends on us, the owner. If you are aware of the importance of regular checking, you will benefit on it. It’s not only you who will be benefited, but your business as well.