Why Rent A Car In Penang?

Visitors to Penang in Malaysia are guaranteed to experience an opportunity to experience local culture in a place that is a microcosm of wider Malaysia. Here there are historical attractions that will tell of a country that has been at the epicenter of trade in the Southeast Asian region. The main tourist attraction of Penang is without doubt the food – and street food in particular which can be found being offered by vendors on the main street in abundance. However it is a destination that will reward exploration – and to get the most out of your time in Penang it is highly recommended that you hire a car.

Car rental penang is a fairly simple business. The documentation is also straightforward. you will require a drivers license from the European Union, the United States, or an Asian country. In addition a passport and a valid credit card are required.There are also numerous options when it comes to which company that you want to hire a car from. There are the usual international brands that are present at the Georgetown airport such as Hertz and Avis, however for those who might want to walk on the wild side there is always the option of taking a taxi is not Georgetown and then walking the main street in search of a bargain. Of course the quality of the vehicle will not always be the same as that we is expected from an international leasing agency – however the savings might be substantial – if one is prepared to sacrifice a bit of comfort and the modernity of the vehicle.

However given the sites that you will be targeting the absolute sky high level of comfort may not be required. The miles that you travel and your exact selections will determine just how much luxury you need. If you are intending just to see the sights around Georgetown then you could save the money to spend at one of the excellent seafood restaurants that can be found up and down the coast of Penang.

Once you have your hire car there are several options for those who want to explore. On the bucket list of things to experience in Penang are the magnificent beaches at Tanjung Bungah or the top of Penang Hill. Alternatively you could visit the Snake Temple and get up close and personal with both venomous and non venomous species – as well as find out the special place that the snake has in Malaysian culture. After that a dish of Crab Curry might be just what you need to really get under the skin of this UNESCO heritage city.

After dipping your toes into what makes Penang such a special place to visit it might very well be time to return to the high street of Georgetown and leave your hire car back at the place where you picked it up. One thing is for certain – it is that your exploration of Penang will make you richer for the experience. For more information, you can visit the i1rentcar fb page.

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